Barking Duck Costume

Barking Duck Costume

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That moves when you
talk with chin movements.


These are "barking" duck face cover that
are hand made. 
When you move your
jaw the birds mouth will open and close.


  It has good air permeability. It is very effective
of blocking particles
outside your custom.
Highly breathable cloth with soft and
breathable design, which is soft and comfortable

 One size fit most people, it suitable for
Unisex men and women. Size can be adjusted to
meet most people head type. 

can be washed and reuse for multiple times.

The face cover will help prevent you
from spreading droplets and assist preventing
you from unnecessarily touching your face


 Product Specification:

Material: Polyester

Colour : Black / Red / Yellow

Size :S/M/L

 Package Include

1 x  Barking Duck Costume